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Excel Advanced Level Training

Microsoft Excel has proven to be one of the most important applications for businesses around the world. Excel is the most widely used application in business today, but very few people maximize its potential.

Explore most of the underutilized powerful features in Excel which helps to boost your productivity, improve your speed, save time, eliminate manual and non-value added activities in your day to day process.


In our Excel Advanced and Advanced+ LevelTraining we teach Excel Advanced and Advanced+ Level. The syllabus covers all the required Formulas and Options used by working professionals who has 15+ years of experience, worked in various projects, companies and faced different challenges in their day to day process.
Our course contents developed after so many researches and studies with various user like Students, Working Professionals, Finance, HR, Engineering etc.
Our courses not only cover the features of Excel Formulas and Options,we also teach how and when to use with real time examples. Also, we provide test material for all Formulas and Options for practicing.
Our Excel courses are tested with Excel Basic users to most trained working professionals who has 15+ year experience in various fields.
Whether you’re new to Excel or a seasoned pro, this program will make you expert in Excel.
Our Excel Advanced+ Formulas and Options have lot of surprise elements which you have never seen it before also it will make you to feel the power of Excel.
When you take our Excel Courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make using Excel easy.

Excel Advanced Level Training across all cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Advanced Excel Training covers Excel Advanced Formulas, Options, Dashboard, MI Preparation, and some of Excel Advanced Pro topics.

We provide Advanced Excel Certification post assessment. We will validate your assessment template and if you score more than 70% then you will get the certificate for achievement, If you  score more than 90% then you will receive an Excel Expert Certification, If you  score 100/100 then you will receive an Excel Master Certification, which you can add to your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile.

Corporate Advanced Excel Training helps Organization to save huge hours with the help of Excel Training.

Why should we learn Excel?

  • Excel will make you better at your job
  • Create Dashboard for better decision making
  • Makes calculations of complex formulas easy
  • Eliminate manual work through Automating reports
  • Save 1000+ hours through Automating reports
  • Improve your Company productivity
  • It will increase your Salary
  • Sell yourself in the competitive Industries
  • Organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
  • Analyze data and make forecasting predictions
  • Gain practical experience with large spreadsheets

Syllabus- Excel Advanced Level (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level)

1. EXCEL Advanced and Advanced Pro Formulas


Our Excel Advanced Pro formulas have lot of surprise elements which you have never seen it before also it will make you to feel the power of Excel.


The sessions will include:

  • Introducing the above mentioned formulas
  • 10 different types of VLOOKUP
  • Multi criteria lookup
  • Various types of XLOOKUP Basic to Advanced Pro
  • How to use advanced formulas with advanced options
  • How to use two or more advanced formulas together
  • Various use of OFFSET function
  • Advanced Pro Formulas will be more interesting which most of them not aware
  • How to use/apply the excel formulae in various situations
  • How to combine two or more excel formulae to get desired results
  • How to combine the formulae with IF Condition
  • When should use the "IF" Conditions?
  • Creation of Multiple IF Conditions in One Cell
  • Use the IF Conditions with the Other Advance Functions
  • How to use nested IF statements in Excel with AND, OR Functions
2. EXCEL Advanced and Advanced Pro Options
  • Various Methods and Options of Pivot Table (End to End - Pivot Table Options)
  • Various Methods of Filter and Advance Filter options
  • Creating and Updating Subtotals
  • Various Methods of Text to Column options
  • Uses of Data Grouping & Ungrouping and Consolidation options
  • Uses of Goal Seek and Scenarios Manager
  • Various Method of Sorting Data
  • Creating, Formatting and Modifying Chart
  • Data Validation, creating drop down lists using different data sources
  • Linking Workbooks and Uses of Edit Link options
  • Formula Auditing features and Trace formula error
  • Uses of Name Manager
  • Various way to Protect and Share Workbook, Worksheet and Cell ranges
  • How to use Record Macro
  • Various way to use Conditional Formatting
  • Data Import from Access and Web
  • Various way to use Power Query
  • Various way How to use Power Pivot

Our Excel Advanced Pro options have lot of surprise elements which you have never seen it before also it will make you to feel the power of Excel.

The sessions will include:

  • Introducing the above mentioned Options
  • Data Validation Search Dropdown
  • Data Validation with FILTER, OFFSET, INDEX, SUMIFS
  • PivotTable will cover entire options and features
  • Multi criteria lookup
  • How to create Dashboard
  • How to Create MI (Management Information) report
  • Using Power Query how to consolidate data from multiple Worksheet and Workbook
  • How to work with huge volume of data using Power Pivot
  • Data Cleansing using Power Pivot and Power Query
  • How to use DAX function in Power Pivot

Our session will not just stop with teaching you the above options, we go beyond to make you an expert in using the various options in real time scenario.

Below are our Advanced Excel Training Batches across India:

  • Advanced Excel Online Training
  • Advanced Excel Training in India
  • Advanced Excel Training in Chennai
  • Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore
  • Advanced Excel Training in Hyderabad
  • Advanced Excel Training in Delhi
  • Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai
  • Advanced Excel Training in Chennai for Corporate


Excel Advanced Level - Choose the Plan that's right for your team

Days Minimum 10 to 25 people Minimum 25+ people
1 Day Rs.1500/- per user Rs.1250/- per user
2 Days Rs.2500/- per user Rs.2200/- per user