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Discover How You Can Increase Each Employee’s Productivity Every Month For Less Than A Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

Power BI Training Training

Power BI has proven to be one of the most important applications for businesses around the world. Power BI is the most widely used application in business these days, but very few people maximize its potential.

Explore most of the underutilized powerful features in Power BI which helps to build Dynamic Dashboard, boost your productivity, improve your speed, save time, eliminate manual and non-value added activities in your day to day process.


In our Power BITraining we coverBasic to Advanced Level. The syllabus covers all the required Options and DAX used by working professionals who worked in various projects, companies and faced different challenges in their day to day process.

Our course contents developed after so many researches and studies with various user like Students, Working Professionals, Finance, HR, Engineering etc.

Our courses not only cover the features of Power BI,we also teach how and when to use with real time examples also each topic has his own mini projects. Also, we provide test material for all Options and DAX for practicing.

Power BI Training across all cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Power BI Training covers how to create dynamic dashboard, Interactive Visuals and Chart, how to use DAX function and how to do Data analytics.

We provide Power BI Certification Data Analytics. We will validate your assessment template and if you score more than 70% then you will get the Power BI Certification for Data Analytics.

Corporate Power BI Training helps Organization to present the numbers (Sales, Budget vs Actual, Cost etc.) to management in a structed and dynamic format which help for better decision making.


Why should we learn Power BI?

  • Power BI will make you better at your job
  • Create Dashboard for better decision making
  • Makes calculations of complex formulas easy
  • Eliminate manual work through Automating reports
  • Save 1000+ hours through Automating reports
  • Improve your Company productivity
  • It will increase your Salary
  • Sell yourself in the competitive Industries
  • Organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
  • Analyze data and make forecasting predictions
  • Gain practical experience with large spreadsheets

What will you learn in this Power BI training course?

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Power BI and how it works in different scenarios
  • Three vital components: Desktop, Service and Mobile apps
  • Visualize and analyze data and derive insights from Excel spreadsheet or local database
  • Create compelling reports and visualizations, derive real-time insights and deploy it on demand
  • Create, share, collaborate and benefit from business information with purpose-built dashboards
  • Get the work done without being a Business Intelligence professional
  • DAX formulas/Function
  • Work on live projects on Power BI to get hands-on experience

Syllabus- Power BI Training (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level)

1. Introduction to Power BI
  • What is Power BI
  • How to get Power BI
  • The Parts of Power BI
  • What you will learn in this course
  • When we should use Power BI
  • Core Blocks of Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop vs Pro Version
  • Menus and Options
  • Power BI components
2. Data connection, Transformation and Cleansing
  • Different type of Data connections
  • How to Connect to Data Sources
  • Change data source
  • How to Import Data (Excel Report)
  • How to Import Data (Excel Table)
  • How to Import Data (Multiple Excel Table) using Power Query
  • How to Import Data (Multiple Table and Sheets) using Power Query
  • How to Import Data (Multiple Excel Reports) using Power Query
  • How to Import Data (Multiple Excel Reports Multiple Sheets) using Power Query
  • How to create Tables in Power BI
  • How to Insert TextBox and Image
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing Intro
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing – Home Tab
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing – Transform Tab
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing – Column Tab
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing – View Tab
  • How to Append Queries
  • How to Merge Queries
3. Relationships
  • Different types of Relationships
  • How to create Relationship and Why
  • Many to One Relationship
  • One to One Relationship
  • One to Many Relationship
  • Many to Many Relationship
4. Interactive Visualizations
  • Introduction to Visualization Section
  • Introduction to Custom Visualizations
  • Data Import and Basic Check and Card Creation
  • Graphs and Visualizations
  • Cards and Multi Row Cards
  • Matrix Visualization
  • Tables and Metrics
  • Clustered Column Chart
  • Gauge Chart
  • Stacked and 100% Chart
  • Column Graph Challenge
  • Graph Options
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Trend Analysis Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Ribbon Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Additional Chart
  • Scatterplots Chart
  • Analysis and Keynote
  • Create custom Q&A suggestions
  • Map Graphs
  • How to Add commentaries Box
  • How to Create Dynamic Commentaries
  • Method of Aggregation
  • Create Bookmark and Add Button
  • Selection Panel
  • Visuals and Others Summary
  • Relationship Model Challenges
  • Quick Measures
5. Slicers
  • What is Slicer?
  • How it works?
  • Different Types of Slicers
  • Filtering Data - Using Slicers
  • Filtering Data - Visual Filters
  • Filtering Data - Page Filters
  • Filtering Data – Drill Through Filter
  • Time Slicer
  • How to Create ToolTips
6. Dynamic Dashboard
  • What is Interactive Dashboard
  • Creating Interactive Dashboard
  • Edit Interaction
  • Dashboard for Actual vs Budget analysis
  • Dashboard for Sales analysis
  • Dashboard Formatting
  • Percentage Calculations
  • Formatting Dates
  • Date Master Tables
  • How Power BI Dashboard help for analysis
7. DAX
  • Introduction to DAX Measures
  • Create your own Formulas/Function using DAX (Basic)
8. Publishing/Sharing report
  • Publishing Reports to the Power BI Service
  • Pinning Visualizations to Dashboards
  • Export data in PPT and PDF
  • Create Groups in Power BI
  • Create Mobile view
  • App Workspace
  • How to create Quick Dashboard

Our session will not just stop with teaching you the above options, we go beyond to make you an expert in using the various options in real time scenario.


Below are our Power BI Training Batches across India:

  • Power BI Online Training
  • Power BI Training in India
  • Power BI Training in Chennai
  • Power BI Training in Bangalore
  • Power BI Training in Hyderabad
  • Power BI Training in Delhi
  • Power BI Training in Mumbai
  • Power BI Training for Corporates

Power BI Training - Choose the Plan that's right for your team

Days Minimum 10 to 25 people Minimum 25+ people
1 Day Rs.1500/- per user Rs.1250/- per user
2 Days Rs.2500/- per user Rs.2200/- per user